City (Moscow) from ₽129 

Minimum price (5 min and 4 km included) — ₽129 
Minimum price  — not more than ₽129 
Wait time — 3 min
Paid wait time  — not more than ₽9 /min
Thereafter inside city — not more than ₽12 /km,not more than ₽8 /min
Extra fee to request ride by phone — not more than 4%
Thereafter in suburbs
not more than ₽22 /km
Thereafter in suburbs
not more than ₽8 /min
Wait time en route 
not more than ₽9 /min

Pricing for taxi services may vary. The maximum fare is indicated, not including the "Rush hour" multiplier.

The price of a given trip indicated in the Uber service or app may change depending on taxi company rates, as well as due to stops during the ride at the passenger's request, the destination being changed after the start of the ride, or in other cases.

A multiplier may be applied to the cost of the ride during "Rush hours," as per the cases laid out in the Terms of Use.

Paid cancellation applies if an order is cancelled after the car ordered from Uber has already arrived, or if the client does not meet the car. The paid cancellation cost is calculated as a trip that started the moment the car arrived at the pickup point, or from the pickup time indicated in the order details (whichever comes later), and that lasted until the moment the order was cancelled. It alternatively may be the cost of the paid pickup (if applicable). For paid cancellations of airport orders, city rates apply, and paid cancellations of airport pickups are calculated the same as pickups outside the city. The total cancellation cost can't, in any case, exceed the cost of a ride lasting ten minutes (including the free wait time for the given rate, if applicable).

Rate valid until 26.09.2023.

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